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Watch X – The eXploited 2018 Full Movie Online

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Genre: Crime / Thriller
Released: 2018
Director: Károly Ujj Mészáros
Starring: Zsófia Bujáki, Zoltán Schneider, András Mészáros, Ernõ Fekete, Balázs Veres, Áron Molnár, Juli Básti, Zoltán Schmied, Renátó Olasz, Mónika Balsai
Run time: 114 min.

Would you believe in a policewoman who suffers from such serious panic disorders that she is afraid to get close to any crime scene and has been on permanent office duty for more than a decade? Would you believe a lone mother who is unfit to pay her mortgage and also raise her rebellious teenage daughter? Indeed, no one believes that the troubled ex-detective has discovered a serial murder case. Personal dramas and a murder mystery unfold in present-day Budapest, where demonstrations are part of the pre-election life of a city still trying to cope with the shadows of its historical and recent past. It is a city where nothing seems honest and true, except through the eyes of an emotionally unstable policewoman and her misfit daughter who wants to know who her father truly was.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD 720p